September 25, 2012 1:06 PM

Students from a Prefectural High School in Hiroshima Visited Us!

Hello, everyone. I am Fujima of Tokyo H&R Group, H&R Section, H&R Administration Dept.

On August 1, 37 students from a prefectural high school in Hiroshima visited us at our Tokyo head office. The visit was part of the Top Leader High School Support Program promoted by the Hiroshima Prefectural Board of Education. The program is designed for students of prefectural high schools designated as top leader high schools to establish independent study habits and adopt a more ambitious attitude toward the realization of their high career goals. The program includes a visit to a university and a company located outside Hiroshima Prefecture, and we began working together on the program a year ago.

The visit began with an explanation of the structure of the manufacturing industry and our businesses, followed by a business game among students. Divided into teams of five or six students, they made designated products of paper and then tried to sell them. The teams competed against one another in sales. Since each team needed to think about the structures of material procurement and mass production, the game served as a good opportunity to experience some actual jobs carried out at a manufacturing company.

The game was characterized by some challenges that are often observed in actual business scenes: the number and type of tools provided in advance varied among the teams, the product sales price and material purchase price fluctuated, and the amount of provided information depended on sales. Although we had slightly worried at first that the game might be too difficult for high school students, all the participants were ambitious enough to work on the game, cooperating well with each other and devising ways and means to solve various problems.

Some of the responses to the questionnaire conducted for the game were along the lines of “The game helped me learn about jobs carried out at a manufacturer,” “Cooperating with group members, I enjoyed learning about society,” and “This is what I’ve never experienced in my daily life. It was impressive.” It seems that the game helped raise their interest in manufacturing.

We would be happy if we could help them understand about manufacturing, which we think they are not familiar with in their daily lives. We look forward to their bright future!

Teams are seriously engaged in the business game!

▲ Teams are seriously engaged in the business game!

What price can they sell the products they have made?

▲ What price can they sell the products they have made?

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