September 14, 2012 9:00 AM

Cooperating with Work Experience Program for Junior High School Students

Hello, everyone. I’m Sekiguchi of the HR & Administration Group of SEI Optifrontier Co., Ltd.

Every year at our Saitama Works, we provide cooperation with a work experience program for local junior high school students. This year, we received three second-grade junior high school students for two days, August 1 and 2, providing them an opportunity to experience some of the jobs carried out at our company.

The program began with education on safety and business manners, as well as a tour of our optical fiber cable manufacturing plant. This was followed by actual experiences of cross-section measurement testing of drop cables, and slip processing.

Cross-section measurement testing is an important process in which a cross section of a finished cable is displayed on a monitor screen where software programs are used to confirm whether the internal structure of the cable meets the designated standard values. Although there were many items to be checked, the students worked hard on this tough task. I was very impressed with their concentration.

For the slip processing, the students were asked to register the used amount and stock amount of delivered materials. Using a bar-code reader, the students processed the data for hundreds of slips. Understanding the importance of the material flow, they worked on this task steadily and seriously.

It seems that this work experience program served as a good opportunity for the students to think about their future and careers. I hope this experience will help them find what they really want to do in their future. Also, I’d be happy if I can someday welcome the students who experienced the program at our company as new employees. I look forward to such a day.

Students conducting cross-section measurement testing

▲ Students conducting cross-section measurement testing

Student doing a slip processing

▲ Student doing a slip processing

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