March 28, 2012 4:40 PM

Training cooperation on Planning Support for the Introduction of Solar Power

Study tour of premises equipment

▲ Study tour of premises equipment

My name is Kubota, and I am in charge of the Solar Power Generation Project at Nissin Electric Co., Ltd.

Upon request by the Pacific Resource Exchange Center (PREX), our company has cooperated with “Training on Planning Support for the Introduction of Solar Power,” one of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)’s various support activities for developing countries. In line with this, 17 trainees from 14 Asian and African countries visited Nissin Electric’s head office in Ukyo-ku, Kyoto City, on February 13.

That day, after attending lectures on photovoltaic power generation systems and power conditioners, the trainees, shivering from the cold, went on a study tour of equipment and products on the premises. In the Q&A session, the trainees enthusiastically asked questions that made me feel their passion. I’ll be truly happy if they can make use of what they learned in this training in their future efforts.

Nissin Electric will continue its active commitment to international contributions through activities like this.

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Nisshin Electric Co., Ltd.

Nisshin Electric Co., Ltd.
Nisshin Electric is an electric machinery and apparatus manufacturer specializing in various electrical products so that everyone can lead a comfortable and smooth daily life. Specifically, we manufacture and sell electric power equipment (receiving and transforming facilities and phase modifying equipment), control systems, and charged particle beam-orientation equipment for such facilities as electric power companies, industrial buildings & factories, expressways, and water treatment plants. More recently, we have also put efforts into development and delivery of photovoltaic power generation systems. Nisshin Electric’s official website:

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