February 23, 2012 3:45 PM

Volunteering at the Osaka International Women’s Marathon

During security duty

▲ During security duty

Hello, I’m Fukuda, of SEI Business Creates, Inc.
I serve as a volunteer roadside attendant for the Osaka International Women’s Marathon held every January. I join this activity with over 20 employees from my company, and this year marked our 31st participation.

This year’s race attracted extra attention as a pre-Olympic trial, and some 400 athletes competed in the race through the streets of Osaka City. In chilly weather conditions, we spent six hours providing security, guiding supporters and assisting with traffic control and other activities to ensure trouble-free competition among the athletes.

Sometimes strong winds blew roadside planters or signboards onto the course, and occasionally spectators’ hands almost touched an athlete (which could disqualify the athlete if she were actually touched). As roadside attendants we were required to respond carefully to every situation, and we all did our very best.

Cheering on the runners during security duty is another important role of attendants. The athletes nodded appreciatively as we called to them, “Keep it up!” They all looked very beautiful, striving toward their goal of completing the race.

We have only this one chance per year, through volunteering, to meet some of our fellow company members in person. Every year we part by saying, “Thanks for the great job! Take care, and see you again next year!” I hope I can take part in this activity again next year, as well as the year after next and for many more years to come, so that I can be among those happy faces seeing each other again in good health.

Group photo of all members

▲ Group photo of all members

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