January 13, 2012 2:50 PM

Sumiden Sizai Kakou volunteers at the table tennis championships for the physically disabled

I am Terasaka; I work for the Administration Department of Sumiden Sizai Kakou Co., Ltd.

This year, through major natural disasters such as the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11 and Typhoon Talas (No. 12), I was reminded of the importance of family ties. This year I was also cheered by the happy news of Nadeshiko Japan's winning the FIFA Women's World Cup. I sincerely hope that next year will be a good one.

The International Class Division Table Tennis Championships for the Physically Disabled is held every November at Osaka City Maishima Sports Center for Persons with Disabilities. Sumiden Sizai Kakou's Osaka Office does volunteer work for the championships every year, with Sumitomo Electric's Osaka Works and other organizations based in Konohana-ku. The championships, a two-day event, is held with participation of wheelchair players and players with limb impairment from around the country.

The volunteer work includes ensuring that the event runs smoothly, by picking up balls that fall from tables and handing them to players during practice sessions and games; calculating and posting scores, and distributing boxed meals to players. Each year, the volunteer work is done by about 100 people from companies based in Konohana-ku, 5 members from Sumiden Sizai Kakou and 9 members from Sumitomo Electric's Osaka Works.

Through this volunteer work, I am always impressed not only by players' excellent table tennis skills, but also by their great sportsmanship, shown through their passion and commitment to win and their attitude of praising their opponents with applause after games.

Every time I see them playing full out, I feel as if we volunteers were being given a pep talk, like "you are not working hard enough!"


Sumiden Sizai Kakou Co., Ltd.

Sumiden Sizai Kakou Co., Ltd.
The Osaka Office of Sumiden Sizai Kakou Co., Ltd. focuses on recycling business, including recovering discarded electrical wire and recycling coating materials. In the strong belief that environmental conservation efforts with a global perspective should be part of corporate social responsibility, the Company strives to contribute to society by recycling industrial waste and reducing negative environmental impact.

Sumiden Sizai Kakou Co., Ltd.’s website: http://www.sei-skc.co.jp/ (Japanese)

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