December 6, 2011 4:50 PM

A.L.M.T. TECH Inc. participates in Sakata Industry Fair

Hello, I'm Tsuchida, and I work for the General Affairs Group of A.L.M.T. TECH Inc.

Our booth at Sakata Industry Fair

▲ Our booth at Sakata Industry Fair

Sakata Industry Fair is a business exhibition held by Sakata City Government, Yamagata Prefecture every autumn to promote local businesses and revitalize local industries. A.L.M.T. TECH Inc. has participated in this exhibition from its inception.

Although our company is in its 11th year since its establishment, considering the history of our forerunner, which established its plant in Sakata City, our ties with the city date back 65 years. Such being the case, as part of our contribution to the local community, and with the hope of blending more into the community by letting the local people know more about us, we have exhibited our products and organized an event for children at this industry fair.

Specifically, we organized a metal weight comparison quiz event for the fair this year, which was held on October 1 and 2. At this event we let visitors experience the difference in specific gravities between tungsten/molybdenum (basic materials for our products) and general-purpose metals. The event succeeded in attracting many visitors, ranging from children to the elderly. We are planning to organize a new event that will be enjoyed by many visitors to the fair next year.

As part of our community contribution initiatives, we have also donated black pine seedlings and arranged volunteer tree planting.

In Sakata City, trees have been planted to protect houses and fields from wind and sand. Although a great black pine windbreak forest stretches along the coastline, inside Hikarigaoka Park in Sakata City there was an area where no black pine trees grew. Upon a request from the city government in 2008, we donated 400 black pine seedlings to be planted in the area. The seedlings were planted by a total of 150 people, including local elementary school children, NPO organization members and our company staff. Initially those seedlings were 30 cm high, but now, three years later, they have grown to be one meter high and are gradually beginning to play a role in preventing wind and sand. We have renewed our determination to grow neck and neck with these thriving black pine trees.

400 black pine seedlings donated to Sakata City

▲ 400 black pine seedlings donated to Sakata City

Now the trees have grown to be one meter high.

▲ Now the trees have grown to be one meter high.

A.L.M.T. TECH Inc.

A.L.M.T. TECH Inc.
In the year 2000, A.L.M.T. TECH Inc. was established as a manufacturing subsidiary of A.L.M.T. Corp., which was formed from a merger of Tokyo Tungsten Co., Ltd. and Osaka Diamond Industries Co., Ltd. A.L.M.T. TECH Inc. manufactures refractory and electrode electronic components and other types of electronic components using tungsten and molybdenum materials, as well as functional components, such as heat sink, heavy metal and ceramics components using copper tungsten, copper molybdenum and AlSiC materials. Our products are used as leading-edge parts and processed products for information and telecommunication facilities, automobiles and various other products in a wide range of areas.

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