May 16, 2011 9:20 AM

Osaka Works – Rose Garden excursion report

At Rose Garden open day

▲ At Rose Garden Open Day

Hi! This is Sakai of the PR Dept.

Commemorating the 110th anniversary of the company, WinD Lab, a new laboratory building, was constructed at Osaka Works (located close to Universal Studios Japan). Last November, approximately 100 people from local neighborhood societies and related persons were invited to an excursion of the Rose Garden located next to the WinD Lab.

Can you believe that more than 100 species of roses grow in this Rose Garden!? Many of the species seem to be perpetual, blooming repeatedly throughout the year, so we were able to enjoy many rose in bloom even during the cold of November.


▲ Nostalgia

Though this looks like a different flower, it’s a rose called Nostalgia. The unique color scheme is so cute!

Since the Rose Garden is in its first year and still in the process of raising seedlings, the number of participants for this excursion was limited. But the plan is to open the garden to the wider public starting next year. So exciting!! :-)

Osaka Works is planning its Inari (Anniversary) Festival in April, and also will continue its greening activities and cleaning activities of the company’s vicinity to achieve a harmony with the local community, and will strive for social contribution activities that are rooted to the region.

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