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Global communication tool(TVcation™)

Global communication tool(TVcation™)

TVcation™ is a global TV conferencing system that enables users to readily hold meetings across nations by using PCs and the Internet/mobile lines. This product is more flexible and easier-to-handle than exclusively designed TV conferencing systems. Also, TVcation™ is more “powerful” than web conferencing systems. Notably, this TV conferencing system is derived from the feedback from manufacturers. TVcation™ offers the optimal solution to meet the special needs of manufacturers’ conferences.

Product features

1) Designed for use at worksites in the manufacturing industries

  • This system enables users to see what is going on at worksites using high-quality image and sound (e.g. investigations into quality problems, and equipment maintenance). When checking the details, such as the defect status and the values on measuring instruments, etc., the snapshot function offers high-definition images.
  • Users can report the status of worksites using wireless cameras, by means of handsfree communication. The document-sharing function enables users to have discussions while sharing drawings and specifications.
  • The use of mobile lines enables timely communication when necessary regardless of the location in factories and construction sites, etc. The system can be used to cope with unexpected and urgent problems.

2) Ensuring communication via the Internet line, even in countries where the communication environment is unstable

  • The high packet loss tolerance (capable of handling the packet loss rate of up to 20%) ensures stable communication quality via mobile lines and even in countries where the lines are unstable.
  • Even in environments where broad and narrow bands are mixed, the quality is automatically adjusted for the respective bands. The system is designed to automatically detect bands and adapt to bandwidth variation.

3) Introduction and operation at low cost

  • Users can readily start using the service at predetermined monthly fees. The service can be used by utilizing commercially available products (PCs, cameras, microphones, speakers) and the Internet line.
  • The Internet and mobile lines can be used for communication across nations, without using an expensive leased line or a measure-rate ISDN line.
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