March 24, 2017,09:00 +0900(JST) 72nd Lake Biwa Mainichi Marathon

The 72nd Lake Biwa Mainichi Marathon, for which we served as the major sponsor, was held on March 5, and I went to Ojiyama Stadium for the event. Partly because the race doubled as a trial for the IAAF World Championships in Athletics to be held in London this August, I feel that it drew much public attention.

Since no runners from our athletics club competed in the race this year, we did not organize an in-house cheering squad, making me feel slightly sad. On the day of the event, however, the weather was good, and the stadium was filled with many marathon enthusiasts, making the atmosphere very exciting.

At the start of the race
At the start of the race

The race started in good conditions, with the temperature being about 12℃, and with little wind. As many of you may have already known, the race first continued at a relatively fast pace, making many spectators look forward to an excellent record. However, a Japanese runner fell back from the lead pack, and then another.
Mr. Abraham Chebii from Kenya made a final surge at the stadium, before successfully winning the race. Meanwhile, the top Japanese finisher ended up in fourth place overall, with a record of over 2 hours 10 minutes. This result was a bit disappointing

To generate the desired result within the limited time available, it is important to clarify one's goals (specific target) and timeframe (method and schedule toward achievement), which also applies to business.
It is only slightly more than three years before the Tokyo Olympic Games. The gap to fill in order to catch up with the world leaders is never small, and I hope that all athletes will continue working hard.

Placing a laurel crown on the head of Mr. Chebii (Photo courtesy of the Mainichi Newspapers)
Placing a laurel crown on the head of Mr. Chebii (Photo courtesy of the Mainichi Newspapers)

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