September 30, 2016,16:00 +0900(JST) Sumitomo Electric Joins the Ikuboss Corporate Alliance

We have joined the Ikuboss Corporate Alliance, organized by the specified NPO Fathering Japan.

Advocated by Fathering Japan, ikuboss is an ideal boss model, referring to the top management and managers who consider the work-life balance of their subordinates and other staff members working with them, and support such staff members in developing their careers and enjoying their private lives, while generating desired achievements for their organizations, and enjoying their own careers and private lives as well. Naturally, this concept covers female leaders as well as male managers.

Under a pledge to promote diversity, we have long strived to establish a corporate climate in which all 240,000 employees of the Sumitomo Electric Group can fully demonstrate their capabilities as diverse human resources, regardless of their nationality, ethnicity, gender, age, and other social conditions. Since the concept of ikuboss totally matches our aim, we decided to join the alliance.

I hear that as of the end of August, the alliance has 96 member companies, including Sumitomo Electric. By joining the organization, we would like to learn from other member companies about their measures. We believe that this will help us further enhance awareness among managers, key players in their organizations, and thereby accelerate our diversity management.

  • Signing ceremony
    Signing ceremony
  • With Director Ando of Fathering Japan
    With Director Ando of Fathering Japan

September 29, 2016,16:00 +0900(JST) Our Volleyball Team Wins the Championship!

One of the teams at our volleyball club won the cup in the 69th All-Japan Nine-Man Volleyball Industrial League Championship. This is the eighth time for the team to win the championship, for the first time in six years. Some members of the team visited me to report their victory.

Three teams from our volleyball club, each based at the Osaka Works, Itami Works and Yokohama Works, respectively, competed in the event, and the team from the Osaka Works advanced to the final heat and won the championship.

I hear that because the members work on different shifts, they have only two hours or so for their weekday training, forcing them to really focus during the training and attach great importance to efficiency.
The Osaka Works will celebrate its 100th anniversary this year, motivating team members all the more to become the national champion in their anniversary year. They have successfully achieved their target.

At Olympic Games and other meets, volleyball teams usually comprise six players, leading some people to be less familiar with games with nine players. However, the sport has a long history; in Japan, this form became popular first and was the mainstream for a long time. Even today, many people in different age groups play nine-player volleyball, from elementary school kids to members of corporate teams belonging to the industrial league.

A feature of nine-player volleyball is that there are many positions and the appropriate division of roles is the key. Each player needs to fulfill their role properly in their respective position and make a series of passes through cooperation, thereby aiming for victory.
I feel that this overlaps with the approach that each employee at a company should adopt when working through collaborative efforts. I hope that the team members, who have gained this spirit through volleyball, will steadily bring a fresh breeze to their workplaces.

  • Team photography after the game
    Team photography after the game
  • Players reporting on their victory
    Players reporting on their victory

SUMITOMO ELECTRIC President CEO Masayoshi Matsumoto

Born in 1944 in Hyogo Prefecture, Masayoshi Matsumoto joined Sumitomo Electric in 1967. After serving as General Manager of Chubu District Office, Managing Director and Senior Managing Director, he assumed office of President and CEO in June 2004.

His leisure activities include jogging, reading and art appreciation. Also a seasoned athlete, he played baseball in junior high school and practiced judo in senior high school. In university, he threw the javelin competitively and participated in all-Japan inter-university competitions.

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