September 26, 2013,09:05 +0900(JST) Tokyo Wins Bid to Host Olympic and Paralympic Games

Congratulations on Tokyo being selected as the host city of the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games!

When the Olympic Games were held in Tokyo in 1964, I was a sophomore and belonged to the athletics club at my university. Since one of my seniors was a board member of the Japan Association of Athletics Federations, I participated in the event as a volunteer, which enabled me to directly and closely watch Japanese athletes demonstrating excellent performances among top-notch athletes from foreign countries at the National Stadium. In those days, the Olympic Games made me keenly feel that Japan was developing into a great economic nation, and moved me very strongly. I still remember that I felt proud that Japanese people dedicated themselves to reconstruction of the country after their defeat in the Second World War.

I suppose that in striving for a successful second Olympic Games in Tokyo, a countless number of difficulties await all those concerned. It is said that history repeats itself. I hope that the games will present dreams, hope, and confidence for young people who have not experienced success. I also hope that the event will serve as a precious opportunity to demonstrate to the world the potential, the presence, and the leadership of Japan, a country of peace.

What acts as the cornerstone for linking people's current upward sentiments to national strength is us as an industrial society. I believe that to steadily stimulate the Japanese economy and promote growth, it is essential for each member of industrial society to make sincere continual efforts to obtain the desired achievements.

September 17, 2013,11:00 +0900(JST) Stand High and Look Far

It’s getting cooler here in Japan.

The Global Leadership Program, which I introduced previously in this blog, took place recently attended by about 30 mid-level leaders from China, South Korea and Japan. Participants engaged in a variety of activities during the three-day program: attending lectures about Sumitomo Electric’s management policies and other topics, visiting a facility associated with Sumitomo, and attending a group discussion and presentation session.

Presentation sessionThe theme of the group discussion was “How to Become a Global Leader,” which was so vast that they might not have been able to discuss it in depth. But to sum up all the groups’ presentations, issues still remain to be tackled in terms of human resource development and internal communication. I’ve emphasized to our staff the importance of addressing these issues, but it seems that we still have a long way to go. As participants expressed their determination to overcome their challenges, I expect them to do a good job.

Making a comment at the end of the presentation sessionSimply attending this program won’t make you an ideal leader. One of the members of a group introduced a Chinese proverb “Zhàndegāo, kàndeyuǎn” or “Stand high and look far.” This proverb implies that if you deepen your knowledge, you will enrich your talents and potential. It is important to keep such an attitude in mind when tackling your challenges. I would also like you to keep in mind the philosophy of the three actuals: examining actual sites, actual products and actual situations. Under this philosophy, no matter how small problems are, I would expect leaders to make sure that they observe and see by themselves what is going on.

SUMITOMO ELECTRIC President CEO Masayoshi Matsumoto

Born in 1944 in Hyogo Prefecture, Masayoshi Matsumoto joined Sumitomo Electric in 1967. After serving as General Manager of Chubu District Office, Managing Director and Senior Managing Director, he assumed office of President and CEO in June 2004.

His leisure activities include jogging, reading and art appreciation. Also a seasoned athlete, he played baseball in junior high school and practiced judo in senior high school. In university, he threw the javelin competitively and participated in all-Japan inter-university competitions.

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