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Hokkaido Sumiden Commences Full Operation of New Plant for Indexable Insert Production

June 12, 2012
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

*This press release was issued on May 28, 2012 in Japan.

Hokkaido Sumiden Precision Co., Ltd. (Hokkaido Sumiden) is our production base for cemented carbide indexable inserts, main products of Sumitomo Electric's hardmetal business. Having initiated construction of a new plant in September 2011, Hokkaido Sumiden recently completed the plant, and commenced full operation today.
On May 26, prior to full operation, a plant opening ceremony was held, with President Masayoshi Matsumoto and other relevant persons in attendance.

Since it began operations in 1980, Hokkaido Sumiden, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sumitomo Electric Hardmetal Corporation, has carried on integrated production of high-performance, high-quality indexable inserts, supplying them to users throughout the world. Cemented carbide indexable inserts are essential for machining all kinds of mechanical parts in the automotive, steel, shipbuilding and IT industries. Demand for the inserts has been increasing on a global scale due to economic development and growing automobile production especially in emerging economies.


Hokkaido Sumiden precisely meets this growing demand. Cemented carbide indexable inserts are produced through processes such as powder compaction, sintering, machining and coating. Hokkaido Sumiden began constructing the new plant to integrate these processes into super-high-efficiency lines and minimize in-process inventory; the plant was recently completed and begins full operation today.
The super-high-efficiency line features thorough labor saving and efficient equipment placement, thereby achieving 100% and 30% increases in productivity per employee and productivity per unit plant floor area, respectively, as compared with conventional levels. Thanks to these improvements, the state-of-the-art line cuts the production lead time in half: 6 days for cemented carbide indexable inserts, as compared with the conventional line. Hokkaido Sumiden intends to meet the burgeoning demand for indexable inserts with revolutionary high-efficiency production and reduced delivery time.


On May 27, Hokkaido Sumiden held the annual Moss Phlox Festival to foster good relationships with local residents. The festival was graced with the presence of Hokkaido Governor Harumi Takahashi, who also visited the new plant.


The Sumitomo Electric Group will continue to support global manufacture, swiftly delivering high-quality cemented carbide indexable inserts to our customers throughout the world.



Profile of New Plant

(1)Name East Building, Hokkaido Sumiden Precision Co., Ltd.
(2)Location 776 Aza Naie, Naie-cho, Sorachi-gun, Hokkaido, Japan
(3)Investment Approx. ¥2 billion
(4)Total floor area Approx. 5,000 m²


Profile of Hokkaido Sumiden Precision Co., Ltd.

(1)Location 776 Aza Naie, Naie-cho, Sorachi-gun, Hokkaido, Japan
(2)President Masuo Chudo
(3)Business Manufacture and sale of cemented carbides and their raw powders
(4)Capital ¥450 million
(100% owned by Sumitomo Electric Hardmetal Corp.)
July 1972

Commencement of operations

November 1980
(7)Employees 500


Profile of Sumitomo Electric Hardmetal Corp.

(1)Location 1-1-1 Koyakita, Itami-shi, Hyogo.
(on premises of Sumitomo Electric’s Itami Works)
(2)President Nozomi Ushijima
(3)Business Development and manufacture of cemented carbide, CBN and sintered diamond cutting tools (IGETALLOY, SUMIBORON, etc.), wear-resistant tools and materials, optical parts for laser beam machines, synthetic diamond electronic parts, etc.
(4)Capital ¥5 billion
(100% owned by Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.)
April 2003
(6)Employees 550


- IGETALLOY, SUMIBORON are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

New plant Plant opening ceremony (cutting the tape)
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