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Environmental Activities

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Resource Conservation and Recycling

Promotion of Resource Conservation and Recycling

The Sumitomo Electric Group is committed to the "3R" (Reduction, Reuse and Recycling) of the waste generated through business operations. We will expand the initiatives previously conducted mainly in Japan to the whole Group including overseas companies and control resource consumption and waste generation so as to lessen environmental impacts.

Efforts to Achieve Zero Emissions and Reduce the Amount of Waste Discharged
In Japan

The Sumitomo Electric Group is promoting Zero Emission Activities, which aim to reduce to zero the amount of waste landfilled or incinerated without heat recovery mainly through reuse and recycling of waste.
In the Action ECO-21 (Phase 5) Campaign, which was launched in fiscal 2013, we have been making efforts to reduce the zero emission rate to 0.3% or less. In our efforts to reduce waste discharged, we work to achieve reduction by 3% from the fiscal 2009 through conversion of waste into valuable materials.

  • Zero emission rate (%)
    =(Amount of incineration (excluding thermal recycling) waste + Amount of landfill waste)÷(Amount of industrial waste generation + Amount of general waste generation)×100


Latest Data Amount of Waste and Zero Emission Rate (in Japan)


Although the situation on waste disposal is different between countries and the zero emission rate is still high, our overseas group companies are making steady efforts to promote activities to realize zero emission, such as separation of waste generated from the production process, sales of valuable materials, recycling of sludge for bricks and production of solid fuel from waste plastics. In the Action ECO-21 (Phase V) Campaign, we will promote the activities to meet the target of 5% or less zero emission rate.

Latest Data Amount of Waste and Zero Emission Rate (Overseas)

Recycling of Used Products

Collecting used products for reuse and recycling after our products are delivered to customers will play an important role in creating a recycling-oriented society. The Sumitomo Electric Group collects used electric wires/cables, optical fiber cables and carbide chips for cutting tools and their plastic cases for recycling as materials for new products. Notably, our recycling rate for electric wires/cables, from which the copper, coating materials and metals are separated and recycled, is nearly 100%.


Reduction of Product Packaging Materials

In addressing the environmental problems relating to product packaging materials, the most important challenge is the “reduction of waste treatment volumes.” The Sumitomo Electric Group is taking meticulous measures to reduce the use of product packaging materials based on the 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) initiatives, such as optimal design of packaging, decrease of the weight of corrugated cardboard boxes by modifying the design, development of reusable containers by changing the raw materials, reuse of product cases, modification of the raw materials of packaging materials and checking for excessive packaging.

  • Reduce: Reducing the weight of packaging materials, checking for excessive packaging and minimizing the use of packaging materials
  • Reuse: Using reusable containers by changing the raw materials
  • Recycle: Reusing product cases

Latest Data Consumption of Product Packaging Materials and Reduction rate of consumption per unit of sales (in Japan and Overseas)

Water Use Reduction

The frequent occurrence of localized torrential rain and shortage of water at dams due to little rain, both allegedly caused by global warming, have been increasing social awareness of water resources. We started our initiatives to reduce water consumption in fiscal 2008.

Latest Data Water Consumption and Reduction Rate Per Unit of Sale (in Japan and Overseas)

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